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The convos platform is made of 2 parts:

The Convos mobile app that delivers your content.

The Convos Creator website where you create your content.

Subscribe to Convos Creator. The mobile app is always free.

How it Works

Sign Up for Convos Creator

Use Convos in your weekly programming, see pricing below. Users also receive access to a Facebook group full of training material and a space to ask questions and share ideas.

Use Convos Creator to Create

Set up your Group, then use the slide based Convos Creator tool to create your custom Convos. Once your volunteers add your Group Code, they will always have your latest content.

Use Convos App to View

One phone per small group needs to be subscribed to your Group. By passing the phone around each student gets a chance to lead the discussion which further drives engagement.

Use Convos Creator to Manage

Use Convos Creator's admin functions to decide which Convos are visible. The tool also displays the view count of each Slide, Convo, and Group to help you see how groups went.

Convos Creator

This web-based tool is where you create and manage Convos for your Groups.


    Convos App

    This is the free mobile app your volunteers will use to experience Convos.


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      Packages & Plans




      Billed Monthly




      Billed Annually




      Corporate Account




      Editor Accounts




      Group Codes (i.e. High School, Middle School, Leaders, Adults)




      Upload your own logos and graphics

      Use your own videos

      Easy form-based editor

      All slide types available

      Custom slides to create whatever you need

      Choose which Convos are visible in the app

      Edit and delete slides and Convos as needed

      Basic Analytics



      • Convos Creator
      • Convos App
      • Plans
      • What is the difference between the different plans?
      • Can I modify my subscription?
      • Are there any templates?
      • Is there training available?
      • How can I get more information?
      What is the difference between the different plans?

      The single, trio, and team plan all have the same base functionality. They can all create groups, create Convos, and create slides. The only difference is the number of editors allowed and the number of group codes you can create. You can view the breakdown of these three plans by viewing the "Packages & Plans" section above.



      Convos Creator
      Convos App