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Training Guide

Getting Started

Why Convos?

Ignite meaningful conversations.

Which Plan is Right for Me?

Every plan offers unlimited small group access, but how many Group Codes and Editors do you need?

Getting Started: Creator

Learn the basics and start creating your own content fast.

Getting Started: The App

Let’s talk about how your users engage with the app.

Convos Basics


Step one: create your organization and choose an Administrator.


Step two: create your first group or groups. Learn how your users only have to enter a Group Code one time.


Step three: make your Convos!


Step four: choose from 10 different slide types or create your own.


Add some video to capture your group’s attention.


How do I get the mobile app?

The mobile app is available on both Apple & Android app stores. Just search for CIY Convos. It's free!